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Overwatch 2

Blizzard berättar om hur Push påverkar Overwatch-esport

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Overwatch 2 utannonserades under helgen i samband med Blizzcon, och Gamereactoir var på plat. Vi snackade bland annat med executive producer Chacko Sonny samt lead writer Michael Chu om spelet, däribland PvP-läget Push där varje lag ska guida en robot kallad TW in på fiendens territorium. Sonny sade:

"What I find really exciting about this is that the hero compositions, the groups that players will select, the characters they will select for this, may differ as a result of this being a symmetric mode.

It's very fast-paced, there's tons of flanking routes in the Toronto map that we have, so I'm really excited to see how this plays out not just for our players and just playing it online, but also competitively in the esports [scene]."

Overwatch League är såklart en storsatsning från Blizzard, och detta väntas få stor inverkan på esporten. Vad tror du om Push?

Overwatch 2

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