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Det är snart elva år sedan det taktiska actionäventyret Star Wars: Republic Commando släpptes. Spelet fick aldrig en uppföljare, trots gott bemötande och trots att det har ryktas ett och annat om det genom åren. För Cinelinx har nu Brett Douville, som ledde teamet på Lucasarts, berättat om vad som hade kunnat blivit uppföljaren. I intervjun säger Douville följande:

"There were two competing stories that were being pitched, one being developed by Tim Longo and one by lead level designer Kevin Schmitt. In one, you would have played the side story of Revenge of the Sith and carried out Order 66, hunting down Jedi as a team. In the other, Sev would have been the first man in the Rebellion army -- the tagline was something like, 'Every Rebellion begins with a single soldier.'

Tim's plan would have had Sev start the Rebellion army, training a new generation of soldiers to fight the Empire: In my own imagining, I like to believe he'd go after his pod-brothers and counter-program them so they could fight the Empire together. I don't recall what Kevin Schmitt's would have entailed, but I like to imagine there would be a mission where you'd rescue him.

These didn't happen and maybe were never even formally pitched as a result of the company rebooting itself, as I mentioned. Very few people involved with Republic Commando ended up staying on as LucasArts attempted to find its way forward."

Vad tycker du om dessa två idéer? Hade du velat sett någon av dessa väckas till liv i Republic Commando 2?

Star Wars: Republic CommandoStar Wars: Republic Commando
Vad tyckte du om Star Wars: Republic Commando när det begav sig?

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