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Watch Dogs 2

Gratis multiplayerläge till Watch Dogs 2

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Ubisoft låter meddela att multiplayerläget Showdown, som tidigare ingick i expansionen No Compromise till Watch Dogs 2, kommer att släppas som gratis nedladdning för alla den 17 april. Här är beskrivningen av detta spelläge, saxat från länken ovan:

"Pitting two pairs of players against each other, Showdown is an endgame challenge for experienced players. Its competitive matches come in three flavors: Steal the HDD; Doomload, a King of the Hill-style match; and Erase/Protect the Servers, a Watch Dogs twist on classic domination matches. Spread out across 15 distinct locations, these modes will flow seamlessly from one to the next, pushing you to bust out every skill you've learned over the course of the game with dynamic hacking, shooting, driving, and puzzle-solving challenges."

Orsaken till att Showdown nu blir gratis för alla, förklarar spelets live producer Kris Young såhär:

<7>"There are two main drivers behind making Showdown free for all of our players. The first is that we want everyone to be able to participate and play it. We really wanted to have as many people as possible playing the mode for a better challenge, better matchmaking time and quality, and a healthier, more active community.

The other is community feedback we've received since we announced the original plans. Our community asked for more multiplayer content, and that's also a reason why we've decided to make Showdown accessible for free for all players, while replacing it with more single-player content in No Compromise."</i>

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Watch Dogs 2

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