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Det var Artifact-programmeraren Jeep Barnett som i en intervju med IGN kommenterade det faktum att Valve ser alla Half-Life 3-skämt som fansen sprutar ur sig och att de faktiskt arbetar på nya spel, igen.

"I think we're very aware of all the jokes because all of us lurk all the forums and share them around with each other. Understanding Valve is very complicated because it's just made of all the people who work here,. From outside the company, or outside any company, you try to personify it as something very specific to understand what that thing is. It's just not that simple, so I think it's very hard to explain."

"A bunch of investment we've done over the past few years hasn't really been exceptionally visible to customers playing our games. We spent a lot of time improving customer service on Steam. That was a hard problem, and it took a bunch of people a bunch of time to work on." Länk

"Now we're in a place where we're able to, as a company, invest and focus a lot more on games again. The answer to 'you're just sitting on your butts, sitting on a pile of money, swimming around the gold vault,' is to not actually do that. To deliver a bunch of high quality games that show we're actually working really hard."

Vad hoppas du på att Valve arbetar på?

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