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Out of the Blue släppte nyligen äventyret Call of the Sea, vilket vi gav ett högt betyg här på Gamereactor. Självklart ville vi veta mer om hur utvecklarna bakom detta unika spel resonerat, och fick därför möjlighet att prata med Tatiana Delgado från studion. Hon berättade bland annat om inspirationen och hur de ville bjuda på ett äkta äventyr:

"We chose the setting because we had the reference from classic adventure films and novels, like Indiana Jones and King Kong. We wanted to show a world where adventure is real, where if you are lost on an island, you cannot connect with the rest of the world, showing that the world is still a dangerous place, and that the world has unknown enigmas - things like that.

We have inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft that more or less all have the early 20s, 30s settings, in his novels. So, that's why we chose to set this game in this place.

On the other side, Norah is a woman that lives in the 30s and she is sick, and that is why her husband has left to find a cure, and he sets off on an expedition to the South Pacific and never returns. So, that's where Nora finds her strength to try to find her husband, and being someone who never leaves her house, she has to travel all over the world to find him."

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Call of the Sea

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