Heusinkveld har precis utannonserat pedalerna Ultimate+

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Holländska simracing-fanatikerna Heusinkveld (grundat och ägt av Sven Heusinkveld) har under flertalet år byggt det vi på Gamereactor anser vara de finaste simnracingpedalerna på marknaden. Hör på redaktionen kör vi exempelvis med deras inst6egsmodell "Sprint" och har under lång tid varit kriminellt sugna på deras Ultimate-serie, med hydrauliskt kontrollerad broms (bland annat). Under förmiddagen idag utannonserade de ersättaren, Ultimate+ Pedal Set som naturligtvis är en förbättring av redan marknadsledande proffspedaler, och vi har redan kontaktat holländarna i hopp om att få chans att recensera dem. Heusinkveld Ultimate+ Pedal Set säljs för fullt i deras egen webshop och kostar 13 990 kronor.

"The Sim Pedals Ultimate+ represent a significant update over the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate. As many of you have noticed it took us quite some time to get this product ready. Although the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ have retained the overall geometry of the previous version, a long process of design calculations, sourcing suppliers and materials, determining the optimal production method and a lot of automated durability testing have resulted in a comprehensive revision of most subassemblies and a much improved product overall.

We would like to thank our partners and suppliers for their support over the past months, as well as thank you, our fans and followers, for your loyalty and patience. We at Heusinkveld set high standards for ourselves. We look at our products from the point of view of enthusiast and professional simracers and ask ourselves the question "would we buy this product ourselves". We certainly would and we hope you feel the same.

All new progressive brake springs
New custom made Heusinkveld injection molded thermoset elastomers are installed on the brake pedal. These new springs are a Heusinkveld-specific development and have been tested to have zero performance degradation even after one million duty cycles. You can look forward to an unprecedented progressive brake feel, a smooth and responsive operation and firm bump and rebound characteristics. Hard and soft elastomers of different lengths are supplied. You have a total of 9 possible resistance settings on the brake, ranging from extremely hard to very soft. We also added a knurled knob to the brake spring stack for easy adjustment of the pedal preload. The Sim Pedals Ultimate+ retain their realistic linear brake force measurement, just as seen on real cars. You have the option to set nonlinear output curves in SmartControl.

Improved smoothness and durability
We have added slide bearings to major load bearing pivot points (spring rod pivots) in order to improve pedal smoothness, reduce unwanted noise and greatly enhance the durability of the pedals.

Bespoke hydraulic dampers
Heusinkveld now uses custom made 1-way (throttle) and 2-way (brake, clutch) dampers to simulate the hydraulic damping effect as seen on real clutch, brake and (sometimes) throttle assemblies. The option to adjust the amount of damping is still present. These new dampers, having gone through extreme durability testing, further enhance reliability and retain their maintenance-free characteristics. Even in the unlikely case of a damper failure, because we use a separate load cell to measure force or position, the pedals will still retain their core functionality.

Revised sensor mounts
We've implemented black mounts of a more durable material for the load cell actuator springs and the load cell mounts on the throttle and clutch. These replace the former acrylic mounts and improve long term reliability."

Heusinkveld har precis utannonserat pedalerna Ultimate+
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